It’s been a while since I’ve covered a song and I’ve had well over a thousand requests for this one so here it is. I’ve come across too many covers of Tum Hi Ho but most of them sound like imitations of the original which kind of defies the point of a cover song for me. my aim is never to sound like the original, its to BE ORIGINAL. So here is something different for you guys 😉


DOWNLOAD LINK: https://soundcloud.com/hussnainlahori/hussnain-lahori-ft-nosheen-tum

The female vocalists Nosheen is half Arab and half Afghani so this project was a bit of a challenge for her but she did a great job and I’m sure you guys will still appreciate her fantastic efforts. A shout out to Jamal Tariq, Sanna Pervaiz & Nasser Ali for their assistance with this project. I’ve produced the track with my own signature sound and sang it my own style and attempted to take it to whole new level so I hope you guys will like it. Please follow me on facebook or twitter and leave your comments:

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