Ever since the release of his debut single ‘HARJAEE’, Hussnain has been touring the UK performing at public and private events. September last year saw the release of ‘Jag Nalo Sohni Tu’ and ‘Jag Nalo Sohni Tu (Remix)’ and this year Lahori is back with his latest production ‘Tere Bajo (Without You)’.

While being away from home on tours, Hussnain found the inspiration to write a song about missing someone and the confession of their love. The lyrics tell the story of how one’s feelings can take over in the remembrance of their loved ones. “When you miss someone, your ego and pride do not matter, all that matters is that person you love and how you can’t be without them” says Hussnain.

The official music video of ‘Tere Bajo’ was shot in just 6 hours followed by only two weeks in the editing booth. Why so rushed? When asked Hussnain responded by saying: “It wasn’t rushed at all, I just knew exactly what I wanted. I had a clear vision for this video even before I stepped into the studio to record it”. Lahori then added: “I handpicked my team for this project and I’m so glad they all performed really well on the day”.


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