Aah Bhi Jaa – out now!


iTunes: https://goo.gl/9y7GkN

Google Play: https://goo.gl/ZnbKcV

Apple Music: https://goo.gl/8qezQs

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/62RjDk…




Singer: Hussnain Lahori
Composer: Hussnain Lahori
Lyrics: Hussnain Lahori & Tanveer Ullah / Tazzz
Producer: Hussnain Lahori
Guitarist: Aziz Ibrahim
Arranger: Nasser Ali
Mix: Hussnain Lahori
Master: Whitfield Mastering
Performer: Hussnain Lahori
Female Act: Sana Hussnain
Brother: Hamail Paracha
Violin player #1: Darius
Violin player #2: Lu Liu
Viola player: Margit
Cello player: Julius Jonušas
Director: Nasser Ali & Hussnain Lahori
Director of photography: Zain Paracha
Videographer: Zain Paracha
Editor: Zain Paracha
Grading: Zain Paracha
Video by ZP Visual,
Instagram: @zpvisuals
Special Thanks to: Amy Fields, Sangeeta Singh (Sonash), Gorton Monastery

Copyright © 2018 Hussnain Lahori. All rights reserved.

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